What an awesome day to be a fish that resides off the coast of Cape May. Ya'll just got a brand new playground courtesy of the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.

The 1997 George Clooney film "Perfect Storm" about the rescue of seven people lost at sea and caught in horrific weather conditions was based on an actual rescue mission on this ship executed by the US Coast Guard. The actual name of the ship is the Tamaroa, and its resume is quite impressive.

According to the NJDEP, for nearly five decades, it responded to numerous sinking and disabled fishing and pleasure boats, took part in the rescue of passengers from a sinking ocean liner, recovered bodies from an airliner that crashed off the NJ coast, rescued hundreds of Haitian migrants from overloaded boats, saved the crew of a storm-battered Soviet freighter, and intercepted drug runners and smugglers.

It now serves a new purpose. Artificial reefs are used to promote marine life in areas with a featureless ocean floor, to control erosion, block ship passage, or even improve surfing.

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