If you’re trying to keep up to date with the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) or are just a numbers geek, there’s a website you should know about. Worldometers.info has a section dedicated to track this pandemic.

It gives you everything. For example as I write this there are 129,771 cases in the world. At the minute I’m writing this 4,751 have died. 68,672 have recovered and 56,348 are still infected. Good news? 90% of those are mild. Bad news? 10% are serious to critical.

By the time you read this the numbers will be different of course.

If you really want to get lost in some numbers, ones that have nothing to do with coronavirus, go to their home page. You’ll find running counts of the current world population, births today versus deaths today, how many cars are being produced this year, how many cell phones are being sold today and even how much money is being spent on illegal drugs as we speak. Warning: this site may be addictive.

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