Does Jon Stewart know about this? DeLorenzo's is opening in Pennsylvania. Yes, DeLorenzo's Tomato Pies which for years called Trenton's Chambersburg neighborhood home but then moved operations to Robbinsville is opening another location in Bucks County, PA. It will be at the intersection of Edgewood Rd. and Yardley-Langhorne Rd. in Lower Makefield. DeLorenzo's has been making Jersey pizza for nearly 70 years. How will Pennsylvania take to it? They'll love it if they know anything about what real pizza tastes like.

Which brings me to my point. Jersey has a lot going for it when it comes to the food we offer. As someone born and raised here, I have been horrified when living in other parts of the country at what passes for pizza. I'm sure a lot of Jersey born transplants have felt the same about a bagel or trying to find a good deli. Contests pop up all the time over who has the best pizza, pork roll, cheeseburger, etc. in the Garden State. But think about this. If you had to move away to the mid-west, or Oregon, or Florida, God forbid, what type of Jersey food would you miss the most? For me it would still be the pizza.

NOTE: In the poll below, I'm making deli a separate category from subs/hoagies to differentiate the great deli meat you can buy here and make your own vs. the great subs you can get that are put together for you. I'm also including salt water taffy just to see if there's anyone weird enough who would actually miss this alleged treat.

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