Some in media would prefer the headline to read “Video shows how quickly coronavirus spreads in a restaurant” but I try to keep it real. Because in this video it’s not actually the virus that shows up in ultraviolet light; it’s a harmless substance that only shows up in UV. The experiment simulates a buffet style setting with ten people and only one of whom has been given the substance. The intention is to show how easily the virus could spread by showing how much a substance can transfer from a person’s hands onto other objects then onto other people.

I assume a virus could transfer pretty easily but it’s clearly not the virus in this video so we ought to be fair in how we write this. Still, I think it’s a useful demonstration in how we touch what others touch much more often than we realize.

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New Jersey restaurants were among the first nonessential businesses ordered closed. They are not only a vital part of the economy but an important part of our Jersey culture and I want them to reopen and all survive. As we get ready to reopen the economy we will have to deal with more stringent precautions. We’ll all feel burdened by this. But watching this CNN video may help put it in perspective.

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