In a season that's featured plenty of strange sea life stories, you probably remember one of the first incidents way back at the end of spring with a whale vs. boat accident off the Seaside Park coast.

It happened back on June 8 when a whale slammed into a fishing boat, causing it to capsize and throw the people into the water.

At the time, we saw photos of the aftermath, with the boat beached on the Seaside Park sand.

Now for what lead to that. The video is grainy, but you definitely don't need super high definition quality video to see how bad it looked.

Check it out:

Thankfully, the people on the boat were OK and the whale (likely a humpback) was seen swimming away.

It was definitely a stunning story, and now we've gotten an even better idea of just how shocking the whole thing was thanks to the video from officials in Seaside Park.

Considering that adult humpback whales can weigh nearly as much as three school buses, it's a miracle that the boat wasn't smashed to splinters.

It's equally miraculous that nobody was seriously injured.

Amazingly, this isn't the only whale vs. boat incident that's happened in the last few months. There was another uncomfortably close encountere in the waters just off of Sea Isle in July.

We've also had hungry sharks devouring a dolphin only feet off of Long Beach Island, a beached whale in Spring Lake and even possible shark sightings in a nearby river.

Somehow, 2020 keeps one-upping itself when it comes to weird!