It's been 4 days since my wife and baby were in the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning and many have written in asking if they are okay.

I want to thank you for your emails and I'm pleased to say that yes, all is well thanks to the oxygen treatment given at RWJ in New Brunswick.

I've also received emails in response to the original article I wrote in which I implored folks to make sure they have working CO detectors in their homes. Plenty of people have told me they were going to check and replace the batteries in their existing detectors or buy new detectors. Many more have forwarded that post on to others as well.

Getting the message out is a good thing, because CDC statistics show more than 400 people a year die in the U.S. from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. You think it could never happen to you. If you have a furnace, a fireplace, a gas water heater, gas dryer or other appliances, it most certainly can.

As I said, your kind words and well wishes are greatly appreciated by my family. Unfortunately, not all the messages I received were nice. One comment came in on the website that was less than kind and was presumptuous in claiming my older children were neglected and given no medical care whatsoever. The exact comment was as follows:

"...Sad that no one thought to have the 8 and 10 year old checked at the hospital. Smaller than adults, they no doubt, were also affected by the CO..."

This woman should know my other children were checked out by an ambulance crew that was on the scene and were cleared. Yes, all of us had to have some amount of CO exposure, but the medical crew assessed them properly and no treatment was required. Everyone is doing fine.

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