The South Orange-Maplewood school district is telling unvaccinated students who travel over Thanksgiving not to come back to school for 10 days after returning home.

They're also telling vaccinated students who are experiencing symptoms to stay home if they're experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, which makes sense.

What does that tell you? That the vaccines aren't really effective and that unvaccinated students pose a threat to everyone else. IT MAKES NO SENSE! However, that is the current wisdom, or lack thereof, among academia, the media, the perpetually irrationally frightened and our ruling class.

If a person is unvaccinated and travels out of the region but stayed alone, while someone who stayed in the area but socialized like crazy — who is more "dangerous" for spreading COVID?

Of course, none of the rational common-sense questions can be answered honestly because it's not "the science" that we're following. It's emotional, fear-based propaganda that is ruling the day and our lives. So-called "breakthrough cases" abound among the vaccinated although the information is hard to come by unless you really dig for it.

The South Orange-Maplewood school district is asking students' parents to fill out a Thanksgiving break travel survey prior to the holiday.  It's unclear how many parents will be truly honest about something that is no business of the school district and has no bearing on whether a student is "safe" to be back in school.

That doesn't matter in this current climate of nonsense, paranoia, and fear-mongering propaganda. It just seems like, as Emperor Murphy would say, "the right thing to do."

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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