You may remember the story of the raving lunatic who berated a couple of Dunkin Donuts servers for not giving her a receipt with her order.

The servers were the quintessence of patience in the face of a barrage of verbal abuse, and were rewarded for that by a man from Texas who donated $10 thousand dollars toward their education.

Well, turns out that being a server in a fast food place comes with certain risks.

According to this, a couple of Rowan University students came to the rescue of a Wendy’s server who was being bullied by a customer.

When two New Jersey teens overheard a cashier getting an unfair earful from a customer, they spoke up. And it not only felt good, but tasted good, too.

On Sunday, Kailee Whiting, 19, shared her story on Reddit, writing: "Stood up for an innocent employee at Wendy's who was being bullied by a customer. She gave us free frosties and chicken nuggets." Whiting also posted a photo of the two shakes sitting atop a piece of paper that read, "You guys are AWESOME. (Hope you like vanilla.)"

"I thought it was really sweet of the cashier,” Whiting's girlfriend, 18-year-old Katie Light, told Yahoo! Shine. “It was nice to know that she was happy that we stood up for her. Karma gave us something back."

The two Rowan University students were standing in line waiting for their food at a Wendy’s restaurant in Franklin, New Jersey, when a woman in front of them started yelling at the cashier. There had been a power outage 20 minutes earlier, causing a backup in the kitchen, so things had become a bit hectic behind the counter. According to Light, the customer yelled, "If you weren’t ready to take my order, you shouldn’t have called me up!"

"We were very shocked that an older woman would even be so immature," Light explained.

Whiting, who works in retail and at a diner in Sussex County, New Jersey, could empathize with the cashier; she explained to the displeased woman that working in the food industry is difficult and that the cashier was doing her best. Her words, however, weren’t so well received. The woman shoved her hand in Whiting's face and told her to "shut up and stop talking," according to Light.

"When we got our food, the cashier smiled and said, 'Here’s your chicken nuggets.' She gave us a free 16-piece chicken nuggets even though we didn’t order any. And when we were done, she came out with a tray of two Frosties just as a nice gesture … like, 'Thank you for standing up for me.'"

The couple later found out that the frustrated woman called to inform the manager that the cashier gave away two free Frosties, but the manager reportedly didn't mind.

The manager probably wanted to throw the woman out on her ass but thought better of it.

And knew too the value of having a employee willing to deal with an unbearable customer.

But the true heroes are the the Rowan Coeds who stood up for the harried server.

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