So sorry to hear about David Cassidy battling dementia.

I grew up a fan of the Partridge Family and had seen him perform in Atlantic City when he opened by playing their hits the way you remember them then launching into an entire night club act. I later became friends with Danny Bonaduce when he was doing mornings in Philadelphia back in 2008-2011. He always thought of David like in real brother.

I'll never forget the night when David played the Keswick Theater in Glenside and for the first time, Danny played the bass on stage with him. I mean really playing the bass unlike the Partridge Family days when he was 11 years old and acting. It was Oct. 23, 2010 and my wife Deneen and I watched David do an incredible show, knowing Danny was going to play the encore.

When the time came for Danny to take the stage, he did so in an "Austin Powers" costume, reminiscent of the costumes the wore in the show. Only this time, Danny towered over David. They played the Partridge hit "Doesn't Somebody Want to be Wanted," which was co-written by Mike Appel who goes on to become Bruce Springsteen's manager. (now ex-manager). They actually sounded great together and there was a lot of nostalgia and love in the room.

We went backstage afterward to hang with Danny and his wife Amy and meet David, but unfortunately he had to leave right after the show because of a television commitment which we later found out was "Celebrity Apprentice."

David Cassidy who grew up in West Orange, and is a member of the New Jersey Hall Of Fame, says he's retiring from performing. He actually recorded a public service announcement for Alzheimer's disease research and prevention in 2011 due to his mother, Evelyn Ward, having the disease.

While Cassidy may not have achieved his dream of becoming a "rock star" if he really is retiring, he leaves a mark in music than many of them would sign on for in a second.

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