From animated family films and romantic comedies to action and horror classics, snow-themed movies are great to enjoy on a cold winter day. In no particular order, we present to you some of our favorite winter movies featuring lots of snow!


The 1996 Academy Award winning film follows an embezzlement scheme that results in a poorly planned crime that spins completely out of control. Set in North Dakota, a snowy background is prevalent throughout the dark comedy.

Groundhog Day

In the movie, Bill Murray's character, TV Weatherman Phil Connors gets caught in a time loop while covering the annual Punxatawney Groundhog Day event. Reliving February 2nd over and over again, he shifts his extreme frustration to become a better, changed man.


Dumb and Dumber

Headed cross-country toward Aspen to return a suitcase full of money to its owner, two simpleminded friends engage in various ludicrous actions before finally arriving in snowy Aspen. Once there, more foolishness ensues as the not-so-smart buddies shift their focus onto love.


Ice Age

The animated film with some very popular sequels tells the story of a sabertooth tiger, a sloth, and a mammoth who find a lost human child and must heroically brave the severe weather of the Ice Age to help return the infant to its father. While the film speaks to children, the voices of many big name stars such as Ray Romano, Jack Black and John Leguizamo attract many adults as well.



After a horrifying plane crash, the Uruguayan rugby team becomes stranded among the cold, snowy, and dangerous Andes mountains and becomes faced with desperate decisions throughout their fight for survival.


The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars Episode V, finds Luke Skywalker studies the ways of the Force with Master Yoda, while the evil Darth Vader pursuits Skywalker and his friends in the Rebel Alliance. Skywalker is forced to choose between finishing his training or rescuing his friends from the evil Lord Vader.


Home Alone

Arguably still one of America's favorite family movies, the 1990 film is set during snowy Christmastime and tells of an 8 year-old boy whose large family accidentally leaves him home while they vacation in France. After discovering that two dimwitted burglars are targeting his home, he cleverly prepares traps and uses uncommon resources to protect himself against them.

The Shining

Based on the classic novel by Stephen King, the 1980 film directed by Stanley Kubrick is often said to be the greatest horror film of all time. A father, played by Jack Nicholson along with his wife and son become caretakers of an isolated hotel with a disturbing past. As the son begins to see the horrifying details associated with the hotel, the father is taken over by an violently evil spirit and events take a frightful turn during the winter season.


The Day After Tomorrow

In the hit film, a Paleoclimatologist makes a discovery that results in a drastic climate change causing the earth to enter a New Ice Age. Struggling through massive bouts of rain followed by major weather disasters, he sets out on a journey to save his son who has survived the freezing wet weather in New York.


Happy Feet

This fun family movie tells the story of the musical livelihood of Emperor Penguins, who all but one have great talents in singing. While Mumble the penguin has an awful singing voice, he is surprisingly great at tap dancing, which was a completely new concept among the penguins.


Edward Scissorhands

Despite his rather scary appearance with scissors in place of hands, the timid Edward Scissorhands is a loveable character who, after being discovered by a nearby family, is brought into a community that fails to fully accept him.  Tim Burton's masterpiece culminates in a love story filled with emotion as Edward struggles through his abnormalities.


Snow Dogs

After discovering that he has been left an inheritance in Alaska, a Miami dentist makes the journey to collect what he later learns is a disorderly pack of sled dogs. Full of comedic fun, the film depicts the adventures he faces while earning their respect and preparing the dogs for a local race.


30 Days of Night

As an isolated town of Alaska prepares to experience its annual occurrence of darkness for an entire month, a bloodthirsty gang of vampires ascends upon the town to spend this time engaging in a wild attack feasting on the locals.


Cool Runnings

Based on a true story, the film is about the first ever Jamaican bobsled team with a big goal to make it to the Winter Olympics. Led by a disgraced coach Irving Blitzer, played by John Candy, the four Jamaican team members are introduced to the unfamiliar sport, new concepts and very cold weather for the first time.

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