Trenton Mayor Tony Mack (D)  has been released on bail after being arrested this morning by FBI agents as part of a two-year and still ongoing probe into bribery, influence peddling, extortion and corruption.

U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman reviews the charges against Trenton Tony Mack and six others.

Mack was ordered released on $150,000 bond but a federal magistrate Monday ruled that he  cannot leave the state while free on bail.

Early this morning Mack’s longtime campaign supporter and local sandwich shop owner Joseph Giorgianni and Mack’s brother Ralphiel are also facing charges. Giorgianni is also a convicted sex offender who was still a part of the Mack inner circle.

U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman calls Giorgianni Mack’s “bagman” in a bribery scheme in which a co-operating witness offered bribes to have the mayor help green light a city parking garage project a few block from City Hall. There was never going to be a garage project. It was all a part of an elaborate FBI sting according to Fishman.

“This morning based on files charged by my office agents of the FBI arrested Trenton mayor Tony Mack and one of the mayors closest associates, Joseph Giorgianni at their homes in connection with a scheme to commit extortion,” explains Fishman. Mack’s brother surrendered later in the day.

Fishman says, “We have charged Mayor Mack, his brother and Giorgianni with conspiring to solicit and accept more than $100,000 in bribes.”

According to the complaint, "The investigation revealed evidence of a conspiracy among the defendants and other to corrupt certain functions of Trenton City government in favor of a purported developer seeking to building a parking garage on City-owned property in exchange for cash payments totaling approximate $119,000, a total of $54,000 that the defendants actually accepted in one way or another and another $65,000 that they anticipated accepting."

According to court papers filed today, Giorgianni is caught on taping telling a witness, "One thing about the Mack administration -- when I say that, it's me and Mack -- we're not greedy. We're corruptible. We want anybody to make a buck."

According to the complaint, Mack is also known as ‘Napoleon,’ ‘Honey Fitz’ and ‘The Little Guy.’ Giorgianni’s aliases include, ‘Jo Jo,’ ‘Mr. Baker’ and ‘The Fat Man.’

Giorgianni’s weight has been issue in the past. He reportedly once weighed over 500 pounds. He weight was also a factor in his release from jail on a previous charge.


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