I've taken a lot of heat over the past few weeks as people desperate to rid the state of carpetbagger Murphy aren't happy with some of my comments about the GOP nominee. That's OK. I am undeterred in my aggressive pursuit of the truth and real solutions.

As much as many don't want to hear it, Jack is not a solution — he's more of a temporary hold on the horror that is the Murphy administration.

The challenge is that when asked to act on behalf of the families, businesses, first responders, and kids suffering tremendously under the Murphy regime, Jack hides.

He's told the medical-freedom moms that he'll appoint a "medical freedom czar" then abruptly changed the plan from a direct link to the governor to pushing the position deep into the health department bureaucracy.

Then when asked to commit to signing two executive orders on Day One to end the mask nonsense for kids and prevent any vaccine segregation he avoided the issue and hid.

This is the guy that you expect to save this state?

The reality is we've been burned before. Thinking that we can save New Jersey from the top down. The reality is we can only turn back the assault on our families and kids by building from the ground up.

My focus is to fight hard across this state in hundreds of towns to get thoughtful, courageous smart candidates in local office so they can fight back against Trenton and Washington. It is not a quick solution but it's a necessary one.

If Jack wins, then we already know that he's going to put the burden on you as a local parent and school board. So we better make sure we have enough strong men and women to fight for our kids at the local level.

One of the big issues is going to be the push for vaccines for children as young as 5. All of the evidence and the state health officials admit this and have said so publicly, show that COVID is simply not the threat to children that the media portrays. So whether Jack or Phil are at the helm for the next four years, the fight is local.

My friend Jamel Holley, who serves as a Democratic member of the Assembly, joined me to discuss the dangers ahead as the vaccine has been completely politicized and what the Legislature needs to do to strip Murphy of the current emergency powers.

Phil Rizzo also joined us to discuss his new group Jersey Rising focused on directly helping local candidates, especially those courageous moms and dads running for local education boards.

We also heard from a courageous citizen journalist James Jacobi, who uncovered a lot of nonsense going on behind the scenes in Randolph with their local Board of Education election.

Then we heard from one of the state's future leaders, Eli Moallem who is running strong in the Pascack Valley and clearly has a plan to score big wins for our kids.

I was also happy to discuss the local race in the center of the state with IBEW Local 102 member Joe Lukac, who is running for the Assembly.

Christian Baranco joined us as well. Another middle-class, regular guy running for local office.

Please listen to all of the conversations. Know that you are not alone and let's keep fighting hard to change the narrative of failure ushered in by decades of hyper-partisan politics.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Spadea. Any opinions expressed are Bill's own. Bill Spadea is on the air weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m., talkin’ Jersey, taking your calls at 1-800-283-1015.

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