Enough already. The pandemic peaked and subsided in April. That’s not a political opinion; that’s based on the steady decline of hospitalizations and deaths. Something called a "fact" that seems to elude public officials these days. What’s interesting about the April peak is that it happened in areas that remained open, like Sweden and in areas that closed up and enforced stay-at-home orders like New Jersey and New York.

Remember in March we were told that we needed “15 days to slow the spread?" That was on March 16. Day 15 was March 31. It’s Aug. 21. We are literally on Day 158 of 15 days. WTF?

The truth is the president’s original plan worked. Or it didn’t, and the virus simply ran its course. Now we’re hearing the same propaganda coming from leading health officials like New Jersey's Judy Persichilli: Get your flu shot so we don’t overwhelm our medical staff and supplies! This is the same person as you know who ordered positive COVID-19 patients to be readmitted to nursing homes, exposing NJ's most vulnerable population to a disease that mainly affects elderly, health-compromised people.

I remember during the peak of the crisis, which would have been less deadly and impactful on working families had we never had a government imposed lockdown, the cry from leading Democratic politicians was for more testing. The original plan, which many of us understood, pause for a week or two to get a handle on medical staff, supplies and bed space, and then treating the sick was largely abandoned by Murphy and his cohorts as they shifted the conversation to positive tests. Now in August, it’s clear that the reason he was screaming for tests is that was the only way he could justify a never-ending lockdown.

We never overwhelmed our medical staff, supplies and beds. As a matter of fact, the opposite happened. Thousands of empty beds in hospitals across our region. Empty military hospital beds and a 90% empty Navy hospital ship in New York harbor. The so-called crisis simply never materialized. The virus was real for sure. Still is actually and you will likely get it. But so what? You are very unlikely to have symptoms, let alone get sick enough to warrant a hospital visit. Unless you are older and health compromised.

As far as kids, the evidence, not the one off studies performed by agenda driven entities, is clear that kids are largely not affected by the virus nor are they "super-spreaders." So if you are telling your kids that they could "kill Grandma" if they play with their friends without a mask, YOU are the problem.

Back to the tests. If we continue to believe that a positive test is what we have to fear then we will never recover as a state and as a nation. Testing SHOULD be showing us how low the mortality rate actually is and how few people have symptoms. But it’s been used by corrupt, criminal politicians to keep you locked down and dependent on government handouts. In addition, according to Minnesota State Senator and Doctor Scott Jensen, the medical establishment is raking in tax dollars for treating positive cases. And even the liberal, complicit media couldn’t deny the fact about government payments. As the doc pointed out, it doesn’t mean they are cheating, but we already know of thousands of "presumed" cases that have been used to pad the numbers in NJ and NY, so it’s pretty clear to me and anyone paying attention, what’s going on here.

So how many millions of dollars of your money is flowing to further enrich hospital bureaucrats? All this while you are living week to week. Or struggling to keep your business above water. This is not just unfair, it’s a grotesques abuse of power. The medical establishment and government are in this together. And they are getting away with it because so many people are still scared of a virus that will most likely not harm them at all. Remember, a positive test doesn’t mean you’re sick.

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