The Trump rally in Wildwood has come and gone, and now some impressive numbers are in. With many thousands of people descending on the shore town in the dead of winter and facing the hardship of waiting in long lines and even camping out, you’d think there would be more trouble.

There was only one arrest. Amazing.

Is that a testament to the nature of Trump fans, to the local officials and law enforcement, to the organizers? Let’s credit all of the above.

According to authorities and reported by, the one and only arrest came late Tuesday night when a person was behaving in a disorderly manner. Police say the person was found to be in possession of a large knife. The person was arrested and issued multiple summonses then released, police say.

Meanwhile, according to, the Wildwood Fire Department says it received 64 fairly routine calls during the huge event.

23 minor medical treatments
15 public assists
11 refusals
5 transports
8 responded and no patient located
2 fire alarm investigations

No official crowd size estimate, but numbers are in for protesters. Only 200, which is laughable considering this was supposed to represent 30 different groups.

Wildwood did a fantastic job. Now will the GOP reimburse their expenses as the mayor requested? Stay tuned.

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