It's not often in New Jersey that you find a courageous leader who actually represents his or her constituents instead of simply taking orders form the back room bosses.

One of those leaders is Assemblyman Jamel Holley. He is fighting back against the illegal, immoral and unethical forced vaccinations coming from Trenton. Here was his response to the Governor's announcement:


He was one of the only voices to speak out for medical freedom during our victory a year a half ago preserving religious exemptions. He was one of the only Democratic voices with the courage to oppose the governor's power grab when the legislature gave the governor ultimate power to impose new restrictions based on the garbage, made up number called 'rate of transmission.'

Jamel is a champion. Jamel is unafraid and outspoken. Hear his voice. Stand with him. He is certainly standing with you. He joined me on the morning show to discuss his opposition to the Governor's latest bullying tactic over the forced vaccines:

Another outspoken, courageous leader Peter Brown joined me as well:

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