I don't care how much it costs, I'm going to buy one when they become available. What am I talking about? A rapid cooling device that takes only 45 seconds to cool a lukewarm can of soda to 41 degrees.

This is being developed in Europe and isn't expected to reach store shelves until late next year and that seems to be the European target date, I don't know when it will be available here. Its called the Enviro Cool V-Tex, and according to the site the time it takes to chill a 12 oz. bottle is 4 minutes and a wine bottle takes 8 minutes. It's the 45 8 oz. can that intrigues me, though; you no longer have to refrigerate your bottles and cans, allowing for more room for your food. Plenty of people have beer refrigerators in their garage or basement. Those would no longer be necessary. Think of the savings on your electric bill. There are competitors, however. LG makes a rapid cooler, but according to Reviewed.com, it takes 12 minutes for an 8 oz. can of soda.

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