Rosemary Becchi is taking on the daunting task of ousting a Democratic incumbent in New Jersey. Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill won a seat in Congress in 2018. She won handily after the local Republicans couldn’t get their act together.

Sherrill, for her part, campaigned nearly as an almost-Republican and then proceeded to stand as a loyal partisan ally of Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Phil Murphy. I wrote about this a few weeks ago analyzing the current races.

The one exception to that seems to be Rosemary Becchi in the 11th District. She’s been outspoken on social media, never missing a chance to link her opponent, Democrat incumbent Mikie Sherrill, to Murphy and the most radical Left-wing members in Congress. It’s a smart move given that the 11th District leans slightly in favor of President Trump. Her challenge is that she doesn’t have the money that Mikie has and currently is at a 10-1 disadvantage with the incumbent having 3.4 million on hand compared to Becchi’s $300k. It’s not insurmountable and if I were looking to one race that could be the surprise on Election Day, this is it. - Bill Spadea 9/22/2020

Given that President Donald Trump won the district in 2016, there is hope that an upset is in the making.

Rosemary joined me on my New Jersey 101.5 morning show Tuesday. Rosemary is the real deal, family and professional expertise. One of the best things about Rosemary is her experience in DC with the IRS. Yup, she knows firsthand how dangerous over-taxation can be for middle and working class families. Here’s an excerpt from her biography.

Rosemary began her career in the public sector at the IRS as an attorney and advisor before moving on to the majority staff of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee as tax counsel.

It was during her time on the Finance Committee that Rosemary co-authored the “529 college savings plans,” that are used today by parents across the country to help their children pay for college.

She has also held in-house executive positions, including as vice president of federal government relations at Citigroup and Fidelity Investments, where she established the firm’s government relations office.

As a candidate for Congress, Rosemary brings valuable, first-hand experience in both public policy and the law. She has spent her career working on the front lines of policy and regulatory matters, developing collaborative relationships with key leaders in both chambers of Congress, the Treasury Department, the Securities Exchange Commission, the Federal Reserve Board and other federal and state agencies as well as industry and trade associations. -

Election day is only 21 days away …

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