It's that time of year in New Jersey! The time when Jersey tomatoes are coming off the plant ripe for eating. If I gave you a Jersey tomato, what would you do with it? Personally I would cut them up and lay then over a bed of ice. This would keep them crisp while I pour olive oil, add sliced fresh garlic and basil, then let the ice melt it all together into something that tastes great with a fresh Italian stick bread. Now that's a meal! Just remember no double dipping!!

Here are some other suggestions you came up with. As we say in the old country..."Mangia!"

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Laurielle Nagel - "White toast & Hellmans Mayonnaise."

Mike Weeks - "Tomato salad with Onions and olive oil."

Thomas Thomi Hawk Hickey - "Eat it whole with salt!"

Chris Curtis - "Sliced, doused in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with salt, pepper and oregano."

Penny Groh - "Tomato soup."

Joey Novick - "Gravy, of course. Duh."

Jeffrey Chudoff - "With cucumber, and onions in a Tomato salad."

Perry Wolfe - "We picked up Jersey tomatoes on the way home from the shore on Labor Day - on route 30. My wife fried them. Delicious!"

Joseph Patrick Hambor - "Cheese tomato lettuce sandwich with mayonnaise that's it oh and wise potato chips."

Judi Ann Bostock - "I am a Jersey girl ....,you know how we eat this."

Rick Verso - "Ok....I’m going to give you the BEST tomato salad recipe ever! If you don’t like garlic keep on scrolling!! Mince very fine two to three cloves of garlic, add them to a mixing bowl, cut two medium Jersey Tomatoes into six pieces each and add to bowl, add plenty of salt.....more than you would normally add! Drizzle olive oil over tomatoes, add about three tablespoons of spring water and mix well! NO VINEGAR!! Chill in the fridge...have plenty of fresh crusty Italian bread for dunking! You can thank me later!"

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