Two performance artists are spending 10 days living inside what amounts to a giant hamster wheel for humans. Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder are inside a 25 foot high wood and metal structure they built themselves. The wheel is 60 feet in circumference and equipped with everything they need: narrow beds, desks, chairs, a fridge, basic kitchen and a chemical toilet (with privacy screen) — all strapped down.

According to the Asbury Park Press, they have to stay 180 degrees apart from each other and when one walks, the other has to walk in the opposite direction, when one stops the other must stop. Of their art, Schweder says, "It's really an exploration of what it means to collaborate. It’s an exploration of trust between two people.” Riiiiiight. I'll stick with a velvet Elvis painting and the dogs playing poker, thanks. Their "performance" called “In Orbit” runs through Sunday at The Boiler, the Pierogi gallery’s performance space in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

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