Check your attic, New Jersey.

Even if you don’t use them anymore there are certain old-fashioned Christmas decorations that could be worth hundreds of dollars if not over $1,000.

Today we’re all about the inflatable Rudolphs and Bumbles, the projectors that turn your aluminum siding into a Christmas mural, or maybe animatronics.

Photo via Greg Bulla on Unsplash
Photo via Greg Bulla on Unsplash

Those are fine. There was a simpler time when a Christmas lawn decoration didn’t move, didn’t play songs, but it did light up from the inside with a warm, cozy glow.

Did you guess?

Yes, blow molds.

What’s a blow mold?

A blow mold is a hollow decoration that is created by blowing plastic into a mold cavity. The process is similar to glassblowing. Air is blown into heated plastic to cause it to spread to a mold cavity and the plastic adheres to the interior walls.

Photo via Benjamin Lehman
Photo via Benjamin Lehman on Unsplash

You end up with those vintage Santa Clauses and snowmen we used to see on every lawn and often with a lightbulb fed up inside its hollow interior to create that special glow.

Why are they valuable?

There are very few companies left that still manufacture them. General Foam Plastics was the most well-known maker of blow molds and they closed down in 2017.

Because of the rare supply and the nostalgia involved, people began collecting them.

How much are they worth?

As with any vintage item the value depends on the age and condition. The older the blow mold the higher the price.

Barcodes didn’t exist on these items before 1974, so if you have one without a barcode that could be a hint as to its age. Obviously the better the condition the higher asking price it will command.

Much older blow molds fine have an embossed date on the bottom. If you see this you’re in luck.

There are plenty of vintage blow molds for sale online asking in the hundreds of dollars each. I saw one advertised for $1,500.

Once you buy it, if you take care of it you can expect its value to only increase over time.

Anyone remember those tacky icicle lights you don’t see much anymore? Somehow I don’t think they’re ready for vintage status.

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