Some people go to great lengths to decorate their houses for the holidays, others just want to make you laugh.

Such is the case with Kevin Gibson Jr., whose Lacey Township home is draped with holiday lights and also two signs.

One of the signs says, "These lights didn't hang themselves," and the other reading, "Neither did Epstein," alluding to the suspicions that financier Jeffrey Epstein didn't really take his own life while in prison while awaiting trial for sex trafficking.


"For the last 3 years I started the big MERICA on the roof and also try to use the FB meme of the year as an add on," Gibson told me in a Facebook message. "I started it with 'harambe the gorilla' meme 3 years ago. Just something I found funny that Lacey Twp started to take notice to in all honestly."

Gibson sums it up by saying it's "me just trying to keep people laughing."

Great job Kevin!

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