In one of the most misguided moves on the part of our lawmakers, the plastic bag ban is coming soon to a NJ town near you. Every review of the claims about plastic bags reveals faulty evidence, junk science, skewed or misinterpreted statistics and completely illogical conclusions. The arguments for bag bans are about emotions, not logic. If YOU believe the “science” and choose not to use plastic bags, good for you! But the government should not pass laws based on such spurious claims. I can name you 1000 things that are “bad for the environment” and we still manufacture and use them.

Why bags? It’s an arbitrary “feel good” ban. Not to mention the fact that bag bans impose on the liberties and freedoms of consumers and businesses. These bans are a governmental overreach because we are now allowing city councils to decide which plastics are “worthy" of remaining legal in their eyes. In this case, “they” have decided that you can use a plastic bag for one purpose (such as garbage can liners) but not another (to transport groceries or other items). This opens a huge can of worms, but hey, if it makes you feel good, let’s let the government decide!!

Okay, got that off my chest. Now here are the three towns in NJ where the bans begin this weekend.

In Brigantine, supermarkets, drugstores, food marts and restaurants will not be allowed to provide single-use carry-out bags made of plastic. Businesses that violate the ordinance are subject to a fine ranging from $5 to $500.

Avalon retailers will no longer be permitted to distribute plastic bags, straws or Styrofoam food containers. There is a fine of up to $200 for the first violation.

Same rules will take effect in Stone Harbor, but disposable foodware, including cutlery, containers and bowls, is also prohibited.

For a list of more towns who have begun banning plastic bags, or will soon, see our previous list here.

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