If you’ve had COVID or know someone who did, you know the treatment from your doctor was pretty much stay home and quarantine. "Call us if you get bad enough to be hospitalized."

Then when patients got to the hospital, they were given Remdesivir, which could only be given intravenously and in a hospital setting. It was fairly effective in getting people out of the hospital in about five days.

Over the past year you may have heard about a treatment called monoclonal antibodies. Now, well after a good number of people have taken the vaccine, you may have seen commercials on TV recently for the treatment. It makes you wonder why not much attention and focus was given to therapeutic treatments during the last year and a half.

Instead, the advice was to stay home, mask up and wait for the vaccine. Three were given emergency use approval. Most Americans dutifully did what the “experts" advised without much pushback.

Any time a promising treatment seem to surface, the so-called experts and medical establishment and government quickly shut it down. Social media even banned real actual practicing doctors who had treated patient successfully with certain therapeutics, from their platforms. Most of those treatments were proven, and expensive and readily available drugs and or supplements that could’ve been easily administered.

Instead, we were told that peer reviewed studies and clinical trials were not done enough for these to be prescribed.

We can come up with a vaccine in eight months but we can’t figure out a treatment for a respiratory virus? From the initial projections, to the early directives and advice, to the messaging, the medical establishment and the government completely boggled, misled and perhaps intentionally gave the wrong direction.

Maybe if we had an honest, curious and diligent media, a government that truly had the welfare of the people, and big tech companies that were acting like Soviet-style ministers of information, things could have turned out differently.

Perhaps many lives could’ve been saved with early and effective treatment. Instead, we were isolated, masked up, and waiting for the magic vaccines. All the while destroying the economy and shattering lives. Makes you wonder what the final score will be.

Whatever the ultimate tally is, we’ve lost ... lives, time, resources and our autonomy. Can we make a comeback? That is the real question. Without more people of courage and character it doesn’t look like a winning season ahead.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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