A small story out of Brick, NJ caught my eye. A taxi driver had a knife held to her throat by a man demanding money and car keys, according to police. Authorities say the guy had the driver pull over under the pretense of stopping to pick up a friend of his. When stopped he pulled out the knife and robbed her, leaving her stranded in her vehicle according to police.

It made me recall hearing that the work of a taxi driver was among the most dangerous. So researching this I found these to be the top 10 most dangerous jobs regarding workplace violence. According to numbers from hirewise.com, these are the jobs most likely to put you at risk.

10) Convenience store workers
9) Middle school teachers
8) Mental health professionals
7) Gas station attendants
6) Special education teachers
5) Mental health custodians
4) Bartenders
3) Taxi drivers
2) Corrections officers
1) Police officers

There it is, taxi drivers number 3. So my memory is still functional. I was surprised to see corrections officers at 2nd and not 1st. I never thought about bartenders being at risk for violence but it make sense when you think about angry drunks. Final thought, as a guy whose wife is a special education teacher in middle school, I was not too happy about numbers 9 and 6.

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