Ever since I was a kid we had the tradition of going into New York, heading over to Rockefeller Center and checking out what we used to call, “the world’s largest Christmas tree.”

It was a tradition that I truly enjoyed and have kept that tradition alive a couple of times in the past few years. As a matter of fact my mother would take my nieces and nephew into the city to see the Christmas Show at Radio City, a tradition she started when they were kids.

I would rent a limo and take them all in, buy them lunch or dinner and we made the mandatory stop into Rockefeller Center. Mom’s gone and the kids are all grown but I love that memory.

I was there when my friends Holiday Express were a guest on NBC’s TV show of the lighting of the tree, Britney Spears was also a guest, she was very friendly and I sort of snuck into a director’s chair and saw the whole show, it was great. It was cold, but great.

There’s something about Christmas in New York. The decorated store fronts with piped holiday music wafting through the crisp December air, the street Santa’s ringing their bells, the occasional smell of the street corner cart selling roasted chestnuts, which we never ever had.

Gruff New Yorkers seem to have a better attitude, people are in a better mood and when you showed up at the majestic holiday decorated Rockefeller Center complete with classical holiday music and then perfect fully framed like a Christmas card you see the massive 100 foot decorated Christmas tree, it’s pretty hard not to get into the holiday spirit after seeing that, no matter how old you are.

This year just about everything in our lives has changed but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Rockefeller Christmas tree will not be altered or changed.

Plans have started to move this year’s 100 foot spruce tree from Oneonta, NY. Seeing the picture of this tree in the front yard of the owners Angie and Craig Eichler was surreal. It’s perfect, it’s big but it’s perfect.

So the tree will be on the way to Rockefeller Center this week with a scheduled tree lighting set for December 4th. While the actual ceremony will be scaled back the tree will be right where it belongs, in the heart of Rockefeller Center for you to gaze at as millions have since 1933.

Enjoy the tree and have a Merry Christmas.

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