Had a great conversation with our friends Daniel Regan and his mom Lynn Regan today on the show.

Daniel is in his fifth year after his victory over heroin.  That's right, he beat it.  Now, he'll tell you that everyone has their own way of overcoming adversity, but for him it's not a day to day struggle.  He fought the fight against the devastating drug and after several failed rehab attempts and being discovered by his mom homeless in an abandoned hotel in California, he's drug free and helping others.  Daniel is an inspiring person for sure. Only in his mid-20s, but has had a lifetime of struggle, suffering and success.

His advice on how to achieve the same victory over substance abuse that he's realized starts with coping with adversity.  Learning how to handle defeat and obstacles in your way.  He shared his thoughts today on how challenging it is for kids today who are taught that everyone wins, actions may not actual have consequences and there's someone always looking out for you.  Of course, then there's the real world.

Daniel's message is one based on finding your inner strength to fight off the demons of addiction.  Choosing to live and be positive.  And he and his mom and their organization are there to help.  Daniel even gave out his cell phone on the air.

On Saturday, August 27th, I'll be joined by my Chasing News colleagues, Jessica Nutt, Diana Blass, Hank Flynn and Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno at the third annual Rock the Farm event.  Go get tickets now, you don't want to miss this event.  There will be dozens of bands, activities and food trucks.  Did I mention food trucks?

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