Every year when me and my podcast co-host Jessica Gibson host the Winter Gala for CFC Loud N Clear, we recognize the people who support the cause year after year.

One group that we can always count on being in the audience are the members of the Howell Police Department led by their Chief, Andrew Kudrick. The courageous and thoughtful professionals at the Howell PD understand their role in the community and know that in Monmouth County especially the fight against addiction is a top issue.

From administering Narcan and directly saving lives to helping guide people to get the help they need, countless residents are alive today thanks to the watchful eye and action of the cops proud to represent one of New Jersey's best towns.

They are humble heroes not looking for credit. They enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. We appreciate their sacrifice and commitment to our community and state.

I spoke with the Chief Thursday morning. If you missed it, listen here.

The Chief made it a point to thank Officer Bill Brooks who saved a woman’s life. Her name is Rachel and even sent a personalized thank you card to the officer.

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