Wednesday, the charismatic and sexy eligible bachelor governor of New York made a shocking announcement.

It wasn't about his eligibility or his possible nipple piercing. No, it was the fact that 66% percent of the new hospitalization cases of COVID-19 were staying at home and that 96% of them had underlying health conditions. A full 90% of them were not taking public transportation and 73% of them were over the age of 51.

So all of this now revealed, was the shutdown of our world a success? Did it cause more devastation than it prevented? We may never really know, but the evidence is starting to mount that it was the wrong way to go, that panicked a nation and caused untold damage to peoples lives.

Meanwhile, our governor is still maintaining the course with our shutdown, with no end in sight. People are getting desperate — desperately lonely, desperately depressed and desperately broke. Jobless claims have now topped 1 million in the state and many people can't get the unemployment money they're entitled to and stimulus checks they were promised.

Some small businesses are starting to open up in defiance of the "orders" from the governor, and many more may soon follow. People are looking at the evidence of whether this shutdown worked and it's not adding up. My favorite quote in all of this, though I don't know exactly what business owner said it, goes like this: "I'm not afraid of losing my life. I'm afraid of losing the life I've built." People are getting restless and something's got to give soon!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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