I just heard the term the other day. Kim Kardashian is doing it! Its's the "latest thing."

Your author taking a belfie...for demonstration purposes only! (Jason Ruvolo photo).

Belfie: (according to the urban dictionary) a "bottom selfie"--a photographic self-portrait featuring the buttocks, usually posted by female celebrities on social media networks.

Of course, there is a company that is ready to capitalize on this trend...click here to check out the "Belfie Stick," that you attach to your smartphone, making it easier to take the belfie!

Never drop your phone again, while taking a picture of your...backside!

Stock up NOW!

While one reviewer says this new, trendy product "makes us lose faith in humanity," I am reading that you will need to get on a waiting list...

Christmas is only a little more than 11 months away.

You're welcome....I think.