Here’s what’s coming up at 11 on New Jersey’s only all live /all local/ all night show…with me, just a guy with a microphone, a transmitter; and an internet connection.

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It’s our annual “DeBone the Baccala Day” festivities…with a lineup of all Christmas topics…to put you in the holiday mood…because, God knows, we can all use a little Christmas this year.

1) First up, it’ll be the reading of “The Year of the Skinny Santa…My Introduction into the Reindeer Club”

2) If you have a family member serving in the Armed Services and you’d like to give them a shout out, feel free to give us a call…we’ll be happy to acknowledge their service.

3) What would Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day be without your favorite foods…like the aforementioned baccala, and the rest of the fish. Plus struffele and migliaccio for dessert. Tell us which are your favorites.

4) You’ll never forget your favorite Christmas toy…which is the one that stands out in your mind.

5) This year, there seem to be more homes decorated for Christmas. Where do you make a point of going and gawking at the most decorated homes in New Jersey?

6) What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

7) A battle of the sexes: who better at buying Christmas presents…husband for wife, or wife for husband?

8) Perhaps another reading of the Skinny Santa followed by your fondest Christmas wish!

9) And to top it off, a special Rossi Posse iPod shuffle. Guess only the artist of the Christmas song that comes up and win a pair of tickets to Sarcasm Comedy club…made courtesy by my good friend Steve Trevelise.

And a big thanks to my producers for the past year, "Jersey Joe V" Votruba, Craig Alex duTain” Dutton, and “Jaysonic” Jason Ruvolo for their invaluable support; to promotions coordinator Dan Specht and Steve Trevelise for making the Rossi Posse Christmas Shuffle possible; and most especially to you, loyal member of the nocturnal Rossi Posse, for allowing me into your lives throughout the year!.

Back when we were poor....but happy!