So what if it’s winter? If you are as obsessed with ice cream as I am, this is just as appropriate a list right now as it would be in mid-July.

Coming from a family that thrives off large dinner gatherings, it has always been crucial to have an exceptional dessert. Even if that means it’s a drive away. And even if it’s just ONE cone, just for me, I have been known to drive a really far distance to satisfy my ice cream craving. Suffice it to say that ice cream is my favorite food. Period.

And I’m not a fair-weather friend of ice cream, either. Whether it’s 97° outside or 7, to me, good ice cream is essential.

So believe me, I know my ice cream. Here are the best of the best when it comes to ice cream that you definitely don’t want to skip out on.

The 6 best ice cream places in NJ

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