If you’ve never gotten a tattoo before or are thinking of getting another one, wait until the weekend of August 16-18. That’s when Pure Ink Tatoo studios will donate 30 per cent of their proceeds to the family of 10-year-old Nick Wihlborg who was diagnosed with with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common cancer in children, according to this article.

Flickr user Picture This/Patty


The disease progresses quickly, creating immature red blood cells and result in bleeding from the gums, bone pain, fevers and more, the Mayo Clinic said.

The Wihlborgs are also raising money through an online campaign. You can view the online campaign by going to the following site https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/bUD31. Hopefully you never have to deal with this disease in your family. If you do, the expenses are so huge and more and more you find out that whatever benefits you have cover less and less.

If you do get a tattoo, every time you look at it, you’ll not only enjoy the image that you can enjoy the rest of your life, but have a great memory of helping someone so that they can enjoy the rest of their. Good Luck Nick!

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