Most workers not getting enough sleep: Here’s what bosses can do about it
A new study finds many employees aren't getting enough sleep, which is hurting their on-the-job performance and causing some to make big blunders — like making an overpayment that cost a million bucks. “We find nearly three quarters, more than 7 in 10 workers are going to work tired and half of them again, are working very tired,” said Bill Driscoll, a district president for the staffing firm Acco
Help wanted: Skilled workers
The improving U.S. economy brings with it a very high demand for workers that possess skill sets in certain specialized job areas, however, many companies are struggling to find those type of workers.
Is trend toward part-time work the new normal?
While it's true the economy is improving, it's no secret that since the Great Recession, full-time jobs that were lost and yet to come back. In fact, many of these positions have morphed into part-time situations, forcing a lot of people to juggle two and even three jobs just to survive.

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