No Millionaire's Tax Hike
Despite needing to plug a nearly $807 million budget gap before June 30, a hike in New Jersey's millionaire's tax is not likely to happen as a method for producing new revenue according to state treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff.
NJ Entertainment Credits
We could soon be hearing more directors yelling "action" in New Jersey. A Senate committee has approved a bill to provide tax credits to movie and television companies that shoot scenes in the Garden State.
NJ's Distracted Driving Law
It could soon be illegal to talk or text on hand-held wireless devices while a vehicle is temporarily stopped, under new legislation sponsored by State Sen. Dick Codey.
Answers From HUD
A bipartisan delegation of New Jersey's representatives in Washington got answers about Superstorm Sandy recovery money after meeting with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan on Thursday.
E-Cigarette Fight
A group of nearly 50 independent small business owners have banded together in an effort to oppose the tax on electronic cigarettes proposed in Gov. Christie's budget.
Parents Driving Drunk
A New Jersey lawmaker is sponsoring a measure to crack down on parents or guardians who are convicted of DWI with a child in their vehicle.
All Cuts on the Table
There is an $807 million shortfall in the current year's budget and the Fiscal Year ends in less than two months. How does Gov. Chris Christie's administration plan to plug that gap?
Kelly Not 'The Architect'
Following Tuesday's near-five-hour hearing, we still don't know who ordered the unannounced access lane closures to the George Washington Bridge in September, or why the directive was given.
Christie Fear Factor
After roughly five hours of sworn testimony Tuesday, the Democratic co-chairs of the joint legislative committee probing the Bridgegate scandal said one thing is becoming increasingly clearer: the Christie administration operates through fear.

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