Magazine Limit Approval
After hours of heated testimony Monday, the State Senate Law and Public Safety Committee approved a bill to reduce the legal limit of rounds in an ammunition magazine from 15 to 10.
Who's on that Truck?
As annoying as the jingle might be, few things signify the arrival of summer more than the sound of an ice cream truck coming down the street. One lawmaker, however, is worried about who could be behind the wheel.
Updating Child Seat Laws
New Jersey's child seat belt laws are not only antiquated, according to state Sen. Jim Beach, but they're also too vague. Beach is now sponsoring legislation to modernize the statutes.
Everything On the Table
Gov. Chris Christie has vowed not to increase taxes, so in order to close the $807 million hole in the current year's budget, deep spending cuts are very likely.
Christie Will Cooperate for Now
The New Jersey legislative committee investigating the Bridgegate scandal will take center stage again next month when it calls four witnesses to testify. Tuesday, Gov. Chris Christie was asked if his office will continue to cooperate with the probe, and he said his administration will play ball -- …
Budget Problems
The head of the Senate Budget Committee says New Jersey is facing significant late-year budget cuts because Gov. Chris Christie's administration overestimated how much tax revenue the state would receive.

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