Trump and restive GOP leaders to seek more of a partnership
His party leaders left with no alternative, Donald Trump is drawing reluctant support from top Washington Republicans now that voters have put him on a glide path to the GOP presidential nomination. If he can't get restive Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan on side, he says he'll kee…
Under fire on abortion, Trump fights to court women
Donald Trump is fighting to convince a skeptical Republican Party he can improve his standing among women, even as he takes back an explosive comment about abortion and attacks the credibility of a female reporter police say was illegally grabbed by the GOP front-runner's campaign manager.
NATO breeds frustration, but is vital tool in IS fight
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, in interviews this week, suggested the U.S. should scale back its role in the alliance nearly seven decades after it was launched in the aftermath of World War II. Complaining that America is spending too much money on NATO, Trump said that the fina…

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