Only in New Jersey could they play a Super Bowl on a Saturday. That’s what the NFL is thinking.

Would you want to see a Saturday Super Bowl in 2014?
Christopher Polk/Getty Images


The winter storm that we experienced over the weekend is causing the NFL to worry about whether something like that cold happen when their “Big Game” comes to the Garden State in 2014. In fact the NFL is already developing contingency plans like delaying the game several days or moving the game to Saturday according to the Sports Business Journal. They are already not going to bring their NFL Experience, which is their interactive amusement park.


I find it hard to believe that a league that not only sold itself on cold weather games and even has their teams play in them just to get to the Super Bowl would even be worried about such a thing. We in New Jersey do not shut down in the winter instead all that we have to offer is open, with the exception of the beaches which weren’t a factor anyway.


If for any reason, the game had to be delayed, then New Jersey businesses profit by having all these people with all their money staying a little longer. With all that the Super Bowl does for the economy of any town that hosts it, I think it’s unfair for the NFL to only put it in warm weather cities.

If it snows all the better, maybe then we have a throwback game for the ages. If playing in the snow presents a problem for a team playing in the Super Bowl, then that team has no business being there in the first place.

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