Spring breaks are here at public schools as well as colleges and universities across New Jersey. Students and teachers alike get a good 10 or so days break from the grind. What’s not alike is how they’re generally spending it.

Many hot spots for spring breakers have turned hot once again despite the pandemic not being over. Miami Beach, Florida has seen large crowds. Same with Galveston, Texas. Despite some colleges shortening or outright canceling spring breaks altogether, hordes of college kids are packing beaches not wearing masks and not social distancing or practicing safety protocols. University of California, Davis was offering students $75 to not travel during spring break.


It’s really not over. Here in New Jersey COVID-19 hospitalizations are up 28% over the last two weeks. Intensive care patients are increasing. Judith Persichelli, state health commissioner, said, “We are definitely in another wave of this virus.”

Why should young spring breakers care? Younger people are now getting sick. Sick enough to land in hospitals. People aged 20-29 being hospitalized has seen a 31% increase. Not to mention they can spread it to others. Is it the variants making younger people sick enough to end up in emergency rooms?

Meanwhile there’s the other spring break. The one the teachers are taking. Generally speaking, teachers seem to not be taking trips like they did during pre-pandemic spring breaks. My wife is a teacher and knows many others in various New Jersey districts as well as her own. The story she keeps hearing is that it’s the most boring spring break ever. Many teachers have scheduled doctor appointments, dentist appointments, car maintenance, etc., since they’re hunkering down and not traveling as they maybe would have otherwise. Might as well use the time off work to take care of the necessities since they’re not allowing themselves the luxuries.

For many teachers those trips can wait one more year.

It’s a lesson from teachers many of their students aren’t learning.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.


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