Insurance companies have settled an estimated 93 percent of Superstorm Sandy-related claims in New Jersey and New York, but that still leaves another seven percent, or tens of thousands of people, who continue to seek the funding they feel they deserve.

Mario Tama, Getty Images

Monday marks six months since Sandy made landfall in New Jersey.

The questions and comments from residents have calmed down recently, but according to Marshall McKnight with the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, they continue to hear from folks with issues.

"Last week, we fielded 38 phone calls regarding Sandy issues, and we also received formal requests for assistance - 48 of those last week," McKnight said.

He said the calls involved claim denials, unsatisfactory settlement offers and, most of all, delays.

In New Jersey alone, according to McKnight, the homeowner's insurance industry has settled 95 percent of Sandy-related claims. The state numbers do not include flood claims that are handled through the federal government's National Flood Insurance Program.

"We'll continue to work hard for New Jersey consumers until everyone has received the funding that they need to recover and rebuild from Superstorm Sandy," McKnight added.

Of the 1.5 million claims filed for damage to homes, vehicles, boats and businesses, more than half came from New Jersey and New York, the two states hit hardest by the storm. An estimated $18.8 billion will be paid out by insurance companies in all states, according to the Insurance Information Institute.