When it’s safe to shred insurance documents
Q. How long should we keep expired insurance policies for auto, home, and personal liability? We renew them every year. Is there any reason to keep the expired ones? If so, is it enough to keep just the declarations pages and toss the actual policies and endorsements?
Think twice about filing a claim
Auto insurance is meant to soften the financial blow of accidents and other vehicle mishaps, but according to a new study, these policies come with their own set of atrocious fees for anyone who hopes to actually use the insurance they've been paying for.
NJ business group says healthcare costs continue to soar
Almost 90 percent of the companies that participated in the 2014 New Jersey Business and Industry Association (NJBIA) Health Benefits Survey said they continue to offer healthcare coverage to their employees, despite the fact that 85 percent of them reported their healthcare costs have increased in …
Insurance Scheme Busted
A doctor, a lawyer and two chiropractors are among 12 people facing charges stemming what authorities say was a scheme in New Jersey to recruit motor vehicle accident victims as patients.

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