If you're a long-time listener to the podcast or you've heard me as an occasional fill-in host around the station, you might imagine that, politically, there's a big letter D next to my name.

You're right. It stands for "Despair".

I'm generally a "Glass is Half Empty and the Water Probably has Arsenic in it" kind of guy (as opposed to Bill's "Glass is Half Full and Will Assuredly Give Me Superpowers" mindset). But when it comes to politics, my current setting is somewhere between existential despair and post-apocalyptic nihilism.

We've danced around politics on the podcast before, but this week's wonderful guest, Millennial Conservative Blogger Katie Cericola, managed to do what hasn't been done in 72 prior episodes: turn the podcast into a full-on discussion of Trump, socialism, fake news, and more.

It gets so intense that last week's guest, Mike Casey jumps in from the sidelines to dig us even deeper into the still-undrained swamp.

Throughout it all, Bill pulled through with sunny optimism, Jessica maintained here usual equanimity, and I put my head down and watched as my brain's Wellbutrin shield crumbled.

As always, though, my personal pain is here for your pleasure! This week's podcast is funny, political, insightful, and we really hope you'll enjoy it!

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