Never thought that I'd be planning a trip to Ghana but that happened today on the show.  I've been to Africa before as part of a trip when I was still in college (that was a few years ago), and hadn't considered a return until I heard about a story that my Chasing News colleague, Sibile Marcellus  pitched about a New York pizza company opening up a store in the capital of Accra.

So I did a little research.  Turns out, it's a Western-Friendly nation home to major America companies like Coca-Coal and IBM. Over the past few years Ghana has had one of the worlds fastest growing economies. Among their major exports are gold and cocoa. The state department website has them listed as "low crime" with a workforce that is "English speaking".

Not only that, during the dry seasons, they have little rain and temps between 85 and 90 degrees.

Although apparently Dan Zarrow is well equipped to deliver forecasts for my potential upcoming trip!

Perhaps the best news of all is that there are several five star resorts on the ocean that you can book, with a round trip flight for about $1200 for a long weekend.  That's a little better than many Caribbean vacations.  I'm sold.

Now to see if my wife thinks it's as good an idea as I do...

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