As if telling the dreaded "Muffin Joke," in studio wasn't bad enough, now Bill wants to take his bad joke on the road?

Talking to colleague Jessica Nutt on the air about their big fundraiser with SNL alumni and Jersey guy Joe Piscopo at the Stress Factory, Bill revealed his plan for how to open the show. Yep! You guessed it! Bill wants to open the comedy show by telling (sigh!) "Muffin Joke."

Needless to say, no one in attendance thought that this would be a good idea. When Bill told Piscopo his idea to open with the "Muffin Joke," he actually left Joe speechless. We're thinking that Joe doesn't think using the "Muffin Joke," as his opener is a good idea either.

Watch Bill and Jessica discuss the upcoming comedy show in the YouTube clip above. You can get your tickets for the benefit show at the Stress Factory now!


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