First, President Trump issued an executive order temporarily halting refugees from coming to the United States from seven nations.

Next, Democrats in New Jersey — including Senator Cory Booker who took issue with the order — staged a protest.

The Democrats and others who are opposed to the ban are completely missing the point and should be ashamed of trying to score political points while the new administration is focusing on keeping our communities safe. This is not about partisan politics, it's about whether or not terrorists can enter the nation easier through the refugee program.

First of all for context, the President made this type of ban a theme of his campaign. Then he won. Now he's doing it. Shouldn't come as any surprise.

Second, these are the same seven nations specifically named by the Obama Administration as hotbeds for terrorists. Obama also enacted a similar ban on Iraq for six months during his terms.

Actually according to reports, every president at some point has had to restrict travel and visas from certain nations. What's troubling is that the members of congress who are protesting are perpetuating a falsehood that the ban targets Muslims instead of terror harboring nations. As the President pointed out there are dozens of majority Muslim nations not included in the ban.

If this stops just one attack and saves one American...

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