Today's show revolved around the heroin epidemic and the use of Narcan to give those addicted, a second chance at life.

We had  a mix of callers who not only suffered from drug abuse themselves, but some that lost loved ones because they could not conquer the disease. There were some callers who believed using Narcan was a waste of time and we should not be helping the abusers.

I think Narcan is a necessity for giving people a second chance at life but the process needs to change. Instead of administering Narcan and letting the abuser go, sometimes in allowing the person to go right back and abuse drugs again, they need to be put into a mandatory rehabilitation program.

I know many are skeptical about whether treatment programs do enough to help those affected but we have to do something to give them a chance at recovery.

What do you think? Is Narcan a necessity or a waste? Do you think mandatory treatment programs are a good idea?

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