Today is International Women’s Day and the sponsors of January’s women’s march in Washington hold a “Day Without A Woman” event today encouraging women, if they can, to take the day off to “recognize the enormous value that woman of all backgrounds add to our socio-economic system while receiving lower wages and experiencing greater inequities, vulnerability to discrimination, sexual harassment, and job insecurity.”

Participants can take the day off from work, avoid shopping for the day and wear red in solidarity. A conservative group, Right2Speak, organized a counter-movement encouraging women to go to work to show the contributions women make.

This is a bit ridiculous.  Seems to me that because the arguments about income inequality didn't get traction, mainly because they were flawed and based on selective use of information, this is the new rallying cry for feminists.  Here's a good article about the myth of income inequality for starters.

If it wasn't so desperate, it would almost be funny to read that the day also applies to 'gender nonconforming people'.  So I guess if you have a flawed argument, may as well expand the base of people!  I'm guessing only a select few women will participate anyway.  Actually even some feminist and left-leaning-writers question the motives and potential success coming on the heels of a relatively successful women's march in DC. 

And you don't have to do a lot of research to uncover the ugly truth about inequality for women around the world...real inequality in the form of persecution.  So before you decide not to fill up your luxury car today in protest of the fake inequality promoted by modern day left wing feminists, maybe take a stand for women persecuted in nations that the US still calls friends.

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