Right after my show ended on Monday of this holiday week, we were greeted by a Tweet from President Trump congratulating the NJ legislature for passing a massive spending budget that not only goes a billion plus over last year's budget, but spikes special interest spending including legal aid for illegal aliens.

Who is advising the President on local issues? You'd think with some of the Jersey connections that he'd be better informed.

Unfortunately, while the Democrats celebrate their new friend in the White House and the #SelloutSeven GOP Senators who helped Sweeney get the budget through feel justified in their vote, you will end up holding the bag and paying the price.

Already on Day One of the new budget, the government is handing over $36 million to the Lakewood school district. It's reportedly a loan, but with what accountability? How will it be spent? Who's looking out for your money? The answer...no one.

The special interests are in control in Trenton and they have a blank check for your bank account. And now the President, with an ill-advised tweet, has provided them cover.

Here was my note to President Trump on Facebook after his tweet was shared:

Seriously Mr. President. This is wrong. Assuming that a staffer brought this to your attention resulting in your social media posts, it's not your fault that you didn't know the full story before posting. But you gotta know, your take is totally inaccurate. The Democratic majority was in as battle with the Governor and used the so-called millionaires tax as the weapon. This new budget is a disaster - more than a billion dollar increase in spending and about five billion over the amount from right before Murphy took office. Do you think for one second any of the Democrats who pushed through this reckless spending bill and the GOP senators who sold out for scraps off the Majority table will support you or your agenda of economic growth? These are the same people clamoring for legal action against your administration to reverse the tax cuts!! Appreciate your willingness to engage in conversation about local politics, but you missed this one badly. Not sure which of your adviser with a Jersey connection gave you bad info to have you publicly back a budget that spikes special interest spending at the expense of the working and middle class, but that person should be fired. If you want to know what's actually happening in Jersey, give us a call Chasing News or in the morning on New Jersey 101.5. Your posts have given seven sellout GOP senators cover for voting for a bloated patronage budget. As far as the actual 'millionaires tax" - I've written and spoken about the solution for years - Reverse it and lower the top rate to attract more millionaire payers and boost the economy. Under the plan we got stuck with over the weekend, the only result will be higher property taxes, lower school funding and more middle class taxpayers heading for other states. Bottom line, the democratic majority and the Governor do not agree with you and they are focused on increasing revenue to further squeeze the middle class and cement their power in Trenton. Some of us are fighting them every step of the way. It would be nice to have your help - at the very least not have you get duped into writing a post that helps the 'corrupts bastards' in Trenton ruining our state and driving good people out.

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