Between growing up here in New Jersey and in Philadelphia, I have been to plenty of funerals, wakes and viewings in both states. Coincidentally those are the only two states in the country that don't allow food and beverage at funeral homes.

Maybe it's that fact that has me thinking it's disrespectful, unhealthy or just odd to serve food and drink at a funeral parlor. That may be about to change. Once again, a bill allowing such activity is making its way through the legislature. They came close last year shortly after New York State lifted it's ban on food and beverages being served in their funeral homes.

Assemblywoman Nancy Pinkin (D, Middlesex) is behind the push to allow New Jersey to drop the ban. The New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association is in favor of the measure. Of course — who wouldn't want to expand their bottom line in any business? One has to wonder, with all of the crushing issues to fix in this state, how any legislator could get behind this, but they certainly got Pinkin's attention. Plus, it helps her to say she did something positive and continue to avoid the horrendous tax and regulation situation in our state that is causing a mass exodus each and ever week.

But I digress. I'm usually in favor of any idea that would allow free enterprise to flourish and any business expand, but this seems unnecessary and frivolous. Maybe I'm just conditioned to prefer things the way they are. One of the arguments is that we are so busy and strapped for time these days, that we don't always have time to stop and eat before we get to the funeral home.

Well with that logic, why not let McDonalds bury grandma? Pull up to the first window and view the body; at the second window, pay respects to the family and third window, pick up your value meal. Brilliant! 'Sorry for your loss, but could you put a couple extra ketchup packets in there please? Thank you!'

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