Jim received this email this morning and wanted to make everyone aware of a very important vote going on tonight [11/6].

Vote tonight on Solberg Airport in Readington
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Readington Township is now planning to seize the entire operation and ownership of Solberg Airport at the Taxpayers' expense.

The township’s original plan to condemn the majority of the property and severely deed restricting the rest was not draconian enough. We are now looking at the complete theft of our entire airport and family business.

After being ruled against by the Appellate Division and having their amendments ruled against, the Township Committee has decided to take a completely new course of action by proposing an ordinance to condemn the entire airport property. A Public Hearing is scheduled prior to the vote for this ordinance and will occur at the Readington Township Committee meeting on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 7:00PM at Readington Middle School.

To date Readington Township has spent millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money and have accomplished very little. The interest on the Solberg Airport bond has cost taxpayers over $3,000,000.

Attempting to disguise their true intentions, the Township Committee has buried the fact that they plan to discuss the airport at the meeting. If one reads the ordinance introduced by Readington on October 21 and scheduled for second reading and final approval on November 6, one cannot even tell from that reading, unless one parses certain words, that it involves taking over the airport. There is no mention of Solberg Airport at all. The ordinance only reads certain Blocks and Lots.

For more information and thoughts on the current situation from the Solberg family, please click here.

For a more detailed history of how we got to where we are, please visit: http://www.solbergairport.com/eminentdomain/story/story.html

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