Judi and I both chose to write about the lack of tolerance at Rutgers last week. Some students are trying to keep a speaker with, perhaps, a different point of view from speaking and taking questions from the students.

Over the weekend we got an email from a conservative student at Rutgers named Andrea Vacchiano. She is a brave, intelligent and principled young woman who is asking for people who believe in free speech and the free exchange of ideas to sign a petition to allow Lisa Daftari's speech to go on as planned.

Rutgers had at first agreed to allow the speech, but now has postponed the engagement. Rutgers is a state university, and accepts plenty of tax dollars to continue to indoctrinate and not completely educate our young people. Please sign this petition and let Rutgers know there are plenty of us out here who disagree with not allowing students to know the whole story on all of the issues. This goes on at just about every college and university in the country.

We have a chance to start to turn the tide here in New Jersey, at our state university. Let those at Rutgers know that there are people outside their little politically correct, echo chamber, safe-space bubble who strongly disagree with their continued intolerance.

By signing this petition, we'll also be encouraging other students to take a stand and not hide in the shadows because they disagree with the leftist orthodoxy of modern day academia.

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